Break A State Challenge

Look Sharpe America Postcard Map Side


There can be up to 2 Queens for each state, plus Puerto Rico!

Be the FIRST Consultant or Director to:

1- Add a new Team Member from that state

2- Hold a Qualified Virtual Party with a

hostess from that state

(Qualified = $300+ retail sales & 3+ guests

backed by a $150 wholesale order.)

When you accomplish one of these, please text my assistant, Lauren,
at 404-545-5357 or voxer sharpeareamanager and let her know! 

Please include:

Your name

The state

Either who your new team member is, or who the hostess was, sales amount & # of guests.

The Queen titles are FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE!  YOU MUST report your information ASAP to be sure you Break that State!

It is the Consultants responsibility to report your information!

Click here for Updates on States that have been broken!


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