Sharpe Area Contests

We want to help you reach your goals and reward you when you do!
There will be many opportunities for you to earn prizes and be recognized for your hard work. Annual Contests run throughout the Seminar Year (July 1 – June 30) and Quarterly Contests are recognized at the end of each of the 4 quarters (Sept 15, Dec 15, March 15, June 15)!

You Hold the Key Challenge

The Golden Keys of Success Each month an Independent Beauty Consultant achieves the Mary Kay You Hold the Key Challenge, she’ll receive a beautiful piece of jewelry from the exclusive Mary Kay You Hold the Key Jewelry Collection by R.J. Graziano. The March jewelry piece is a gorgeous necklace featuring a crystal‑studded key and a pendant with “You Hold the Key” engraved on the back. You can wear it as a stand‑alone statement piece or layer it with other Mary Kay You Hold the Key necklaces. It will also look stunning with your Mary Kay You Hold the Key earrings.

Mary Kay Ash Believed That Making Others Feel Important Leads to Success. Mary Kay’s treasured advice: Pretend everyone you meet has a sign around his or her neck that says, “Make me feel important.” And then do it. “If you can do that in your everyday life, you are going to succeed. I still remember with an aching heart years and years ago of standing in line to congratulate our vice president of sales. The line was so long that it took nearly three hours for me to get to him. I remember that when I reached him to shake his hand, he was looking over my shoulder to see how many more people were in that line. I was as tired as he was. We had both been standing there for all those hours, but he did not see me. I thought then, ‘If I ever get to be the person with whom they’re shaking hands, I’m going to put all my attention on the person in front of me.” March 2019 key necklace flier

All-Star Consistency Challenge

All-Star Star Consultant Consistency Prizes

2019 All-Star kate spade new york® Collection

Each All-Star Star Consultant level (Sapphire through Pearl) has its own unique consistency prize, each from the same spectacular kate spade new york® Collection. Your total year-end contest credits will determine which super chic prize is yours! You'll also earn:

An invitation to the special prize party at Seminar 2019 where you'll pick up your prize PLUS  Standing recognition at Seminar 2019, Bling Button & Recognition in the Applause Magazine.


Sharpe Area Anchor Pin

Catch the wave and earn your Sharpe National Area Anchor Pin! Anchor Pin $5,000 Wholesale or 6 NEW Qualified Team Members Single Enhancer 10,000 Wholesale or 12 NEW Qualified Team Members Double Enhancer $20,000 Wholesale or 24 NEW Qualified Team Members (National Court of Sales or Sharing)

 K Anchor Pin Cropped


Pearls of Sharing

You can earn your Pearls of Sharing by sharing the MK opportunity with at least 9 women in your first 30 days! Click here to download your Tracker!

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