Bring Your Besties Starter Kit Discount 3/1-6/30

Bring Your Besties Starter Kit Discount!
March 1 to June 30

You’ve probably already thought of at least three people in your world who you would love to share this opportunity with!

So invite them to start enjoying the perks of this amazing opportunity with you!

Here’s how you can bring your friends in on the fun:
When you become a new Independent Beauty Consultant from March 1 through June 30, 2019, your first three new personal team members who become Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants during your Great Start* time frame can receive a $25 credit toward the purchase of their own Starter Kit.

This is a great way to create momentum toward Destination Red!

march 2019 team building besties jpg

March 2019 team building promo besties mk

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