Don’t miss the BIGGEST MK Event of the year!

You do not want to miss the BIGGEST MK Event of the year!

Mary Kay Diamond Seminar

July 31st – August 4th

Dallas, TX

Cost: $225 per consultant
If you attended Career Conference or you were a Quarter 3 Star you only pay $195 (you get a $30 discount)!

Seminar is a fun-filled, action packed event that you will never forget! It’s 5 days of training, the scoop on NEW products, tons of recognition, and unbelievable girlfriend time! Awards Night is a glamorous night in formal gowns and feels like the Grammy’s, Miss America, and a Broadway show all in one! Classes based on your Career Path level are sure to give you some new ideas! You will also receive a $70 wholesale credit toward Section 1 Products!
Seminar 2017

Seminar Priority Registration opens: April 26th
(Contact your Sharpe Director to pre-register & be entered to WIN a fun prize!)

Registration opens to ALL Consultants on on May 2nd!
Start Planning!


Costs to Prepare for:
1. Registration $195-$225 (but you get a $70 wholesale credit toward Section 1 Products) Get Registration Immediately It Will Sell out this Month.
2. Airfare. Put out a fair watcher to get the best deal. (From ATL to Dallas it will be around $200). Get ticket by June or before!
3. Hotel $199-$229 including tax (based on 4 to a room).
4. Food (a lot of the food costs are covered but some are not, see agenda attached).

I would plan for about $700-$800 depending on your flight just to be safe and feel like you have some spending money.

Seminar 2018 Schedule-At-A-Glance

I can’t wait for you to experience Seminar….it is a life-changing experience!

Hugs, Kristin

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